Call to Prayer In Corona-virus Crisis

Dear Brother/Sister

Greetings, in the Strong and Matchless name of Jesus Christ, the Chief-Shepherd of the Church.

The board of Directors of SO SEND I YOU, INC, is sponsoring and launching a 15 minutes daily prayer call for the
next 40 days, using the call-in number and access code found on page # 5 of the Lenten Devotional. The first
Prayer-Call will be tomorrow morning, Friday, March 27, 2020 and will be held everyday thereafter through
Tuesday, May 5, 2020. The call would be daily at:

11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time,
10:00 AM Central Time
9:00 AM Mountain Time
8:00 Pacific Time

Because I am confident that you are concerned about this international crisis I am inviting you and your
congregation to join us in daily prayer to God for the healing of the nations. Can we depend on you to offer either
the scripture reading or the prayer for one of the next 40 days? Can we depend on you to invite the members of
your congregation to join us on the call for the next 40 days? The call-in number is 712-770-5505 and the access
code is 512125. Pass this information on to every believer in your social contacts, and encourage them to pass it
on to other believers, nationwide.

This list below is only a suggested list of readers and prayer leaders for the next 40 days. If your name is on this
list, please let me know if you can serve on the assigned day? If you can’t, I do understand. A simple text my
number: 917-287-9928 or an email will be just fine.

Should you have any questions about this, you are free to reach me on my cell at 917-287-9928 or you may reach

Day 1 Friday March 27, 2019. 11:00 AM
Scripture: Dr. Donaldson Jones, Pastor, MT. New Home Baptist Church, Leighton, AL
Prayer: Dr. Don Darius Butler, Pastor, First Missionary Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL

Day 2 Saturday, March 28
Scripture: Rev. Elmer Hardy, Jr., Pastor, Union Temple Free Will Baptist Church, Hartford, CT.
Prayer: Dr. Hermon Washington, Pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church Rockville Center, NY

Day 3 Sunday March 29
Scripture: Dr. Amos Jones, Pastor, Zion Hill First African Baptist Church, Nashville, TN
Prayer: Dr. Brian Cash, Pastor, East Mount Zion Baptist Church, Cleveland, OH

Day 4 Monday, March 30
Scripture: Dr. Julius R. Scruggs, Pastor Emeritus, First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Prayer: Dr. John Kinney, Pastor, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Beaverdam, VA

Day 5 Tuesday, March 31
Scripture: Dr. Patrick Young, Pastor, First Baptist Church, East Elmhurst, NY
Prayer: Dr. Carolyn Ann Knight, Atlanta, GA

Day 6 Wednesday, April 1
Scripture: Dr. Marcus Davis, Pastor, Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Prayer: Rev. Demetrius Williams, Pastor, Community Baptist Church, Milwaukee, WI

Day 7 Thursday, April 2
Scripture: Deaconess Felicia Latter, Greater Faith Baptist Church, Stamford, CT
Prayer: Dr. Richard Dickens, New Metropolitan Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD

Day 8 Friday, April 3
Scripture: Dr. John McVicker, Pastor, Christ The King, Baptist Church, Milwaukee, WI
Prayer: Dr. Allen P. Weaver, Pastor, Bethesda Baptist Church, New Rochelle, NY

Day 9 Saturday, April 4
Scripture: Dr. Calvin McFadden, Pastor, MT. Olive Riveville Baptist Church, Houston, TX
Prayer: Dr. Derrick Miles, Pastor, Greater Friendship Baptist Church, Louisville, KY

Day 10 Sunday, April 5
Scripture: Rev. Keith Evans, Pastor, Greater MT. Eagle Baptist Church, Milwaukee, WI
Prayer: Dr. RIggins Earl, Professor of Ethics, ICT, Atlanta, GA

Day 11 Monday April 6
Scripture: Dr. Sherman Tribble, Interim President, Hosanna Bible College, Durham, NC
Prayer: Dr. Frank Kennedy, Executive Minister, MT. Olive Baptist Church, FT. Lauderdale, FL

Day 12 Tuesday, April 7
Scripture: Dr. E. James Clark, Pastor, Pastor, Shalom Church, COP, Florissant, MO
Prayers: Dr. Byron Williams, Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church, Troy, NY

Day 13 Wednesday, April 8
Scripture: Dr. James McCarrol, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, TN
Prayer: Dr. Jamey O. Graham, Pastor, ST. John Baptist Church, Columbia, SC

Day 14 Thursday, April 9
Scripture: Dr. Timothy Cokley, Pastor, Cherry Hill Baptist Church, Conway, SC
Prayer: Dr. Ankoma D. Anderson, Sr., Pastor, Welfare Baptist Church, Belton, SC

Day 15 Friday April 10
Scripture: Rev. Chad Nieuwendorp, Pastor, University Park Baptist Church, Portland, OR
Prayer: Dr. Dennis Leach, Sr., Morning Star Baptist Church, Winston Salem, NC

Day 16 Saturday, April 11
Scripture: Dr. Larry Covington, Pastor, Ebenezer Christian Church, Burlington, NC
Prayer: Dr. Kelly Miller Smith, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Capital Hill, Nashville, TN

Day 17 Sunday, April 12
Scripture: Rev. Lindsay Curtis, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Norwalk, CT.
Prayer: Rev. Carleton Giles, Pastor, Zion First Baptist Church, Middletown, CT

Day 18 Monday, April 13
Scripture: Dr. Donald Moore, Pastor, MT. Carmel Baptist Church, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA
Prayer: Dr. Darrell Drumwright, Pastor, The Temple Church, Nashville, TN

Day 19 Tuesday, April 14
Prayer: Dr. Naomi Tyler-Lloyd, Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Bronx, NY
Dr. George Lee, Pastor, ST. John Baptist Church, Savanah, GA

Day 20 Wednesday, April 15
Scripture: Dr. Neville Callam, General Secretary Emeritus, Baptist World Alliance, Falls Church VA
Prayer: Rev. Johnny C. Bush, Pastor, Greater Faith Baptist Church, Stamford, CT

Day 21 Thursday, April 16
Scripture: Dr. Christopher Turner, Pastor, Pine Grove Baptist Church, Harvest, AL
Prayer: Dr. William B. Sutton, III, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Stratford, CT

Day 22 Friday, April 17
Scripture: Dr. Rene F. Washington/Gardner, Pastor, Memorial Baptist Church, NYC, NY
Prayer: Dr. Jesse V. Bottoms, Pastor, Beulah Baptist Church, Poughkeepsie, NY

Day 23 Saturday, April 18
Scripture: Jason Turner, Pastor, Mississippi BLVD. Christian Church, Memphis, TN
Prayer: Dr. Ivory Thigpen, Pastor, Rehoboth Baptist Church, Columbia, SC.

Day 24 Sunday, April 19
Scripture: Dr. Dr. Barbara Headley, Pastor, Zion Baptist Church, Springfield, MA
Prayer: Dr. Craig S. Brown, Pastor, Bethany Baptist Church, Jamaica, NY

Day 25 Monday, April 20
Scripture: Dr. Lenard Griffin, Pastor, Morris Street Baptist Church, Charleston, SC
Prayer: Dr. Bruce Alick, Pastor, Zion Baptist Church, Reading, PA

Day 26 Tuesday, April 21
Scripture: Dr. Deborah Jenkins, Pastor, Faith At Works Christian Church, Bronx, NY
Prayer: Dr. Dwight Benoit, Pastor, Magnolia Baptist Church, Beaumont, TX

Day 27 Wednesday, April 22
Scripture: Dr. Jonathan McReynolds, Pastor, Aenon Baptist Church, Buffalo, NY
Prayer: Dr. Joe Ratliff, Pastor, Brentwood Baptist Church, Houston, TX

Day 28 Thursday, April 23
Scripture: Dr. Nelson C. Dukes, Pastor, Fountain Springs Baptist Church, Bronx, NY
Prayer: Dr. Jonathan Staples, Pastor, First Shiloh Baptist Church, Buffalo, NY

Day 29 Friday, April 24
Scripture: Dr. Jeffery Gunns, Pastor, Second Calvary Baptist Church, Norfolk, VA
Prayer: Dr. J. W. Hills, Jr., Pastor, New Hope Baptist Church, Portland, OR

Day 30 Saturday April 25
Scripture: Dr. Charles Nesbitt, Pastor, Providence Baptist Church, College Park, GA
Prayer: Dr. John H. Grant, Pastor, MT. Zion Baptist Church, Asheville, NC

Day 31, Sunday, April 26
Scripture: Rev. Mark Wainwright, Pastor, Good Tidings Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD
Prayer: Rev. James Woodley, Pastor, Gill Creek Baptist Church, Columbia, SC

Day 32 Monday April 27
Scripture: Dr. Michael Ross, Pastor, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Columbia, SC
Prayer: Rev. Antonio Proctor, Pastor, ST. James Baptist Church, Forsyth, GA

Day 33,Tuesday, April 28
Scripture: Rev. Michael Henderson, Pastor, Second Baptist Church, LaGrange, IL
Prayer: Dr. James L. Cherry, Pastor, Antioch Baptist Church, Rochester, NY

Day 34 Wednesday, April 29
Scripture: Dr. James C. Perkins, Pastor Greater Christ Baptist Church, Detroit, MI
Prayer: Jessie T. Williams, Pastor, Convent Avenue Baptist Church, NYC, NY

Day 35 Thursday, April 30
Scripture: Minister Greg Graves, Associate Minister, Bethel A.M.E. Church, Stamford, CT
Prayer: Brandel C. Marrow, Pastor, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Milwaukee, WI

Day 36 Friday, May 1
Scripture: Dr. Demetrius Carolina, Pastor, First Central Baptist Church, Staten Island, NY
Prayer: Dr. Demon Johnson, Metropolitan New Testament Baptist Church, Albany, NY

Day 37 Saturday, May 2
Scripture: Dr. Calvin Rice, Pastor, New Jerusalem Baptist Church, Jamaica, NY
Prayer: Dr. Anthony Lowe, Pastor, Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Bronx, NY

Day 38 Sunday May 3
Scripture: Dr. Henry Davis, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Landover, MD
Prayer: Dr. Lisa Weaver, Professor of Worship, Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA

Day 39 Monday, May 4
Scripture: Dr. Walstone Francis, Pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church, Waukegan, IL
Prayer: Dr. Derrick Brennan, Pastor, Canaan Institutional Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA

Day 40 Tuesday May 5
Scripture: Rev. Chad Foster, Pastor, Bethany Baptist Church, NYC, NY
Prayer: Dr. Alvin Love, Pastor, Lily Dale First Baptist Church, Chicago, IL