Pastor Earlean Oliver (great Woman of God) is the daughter of the late Mose and Alice
Earlean was born in Blackville, S.C.  At an early age she began attending Mount
Zion Baptist Church where she was baptized.  As a teenager, she moved to Charleston, S.C.,
to reside with an older sister. There she attended the Ground And Pillar Holiness Church,
where she learned of the power of the Holy Ghost and knew one day she would be filled
with it.  While living in Charleston, she met and married the love of her life, Jacob Oliver.  
From this union they have today two daughters, four grandchildren and seven great

Pastor Oliver later moved to New York City and joined Little Mt. Zion Baptist Church,
where she remained under the guidance of the late Pastor Wendell Lawrence and the late
Pastor Clayton Coward for twenty years. While attending Little Mt. Zion she received the
Holy Ghost. Pastor Oliver later joined the Brooklyn Tabernacle Deliverance Center under
the guidance of the late Doctor C. R. Johnson & Assistant Pastor Elder James Copeland.
Pastor Oliver attended Grace Beauty School and thereafter completed all of  the necessary requirements to obtain her
high school diploma.  To fulfill her quest for more spiritual knowledge, in 1982 she enrolled as a student at the
Community Bible Institute.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in theology from Community Bible Institute.

Pastor Oliver later joined Gethsemane Garden Baptist Church under the guidance of the late Pastor Gregory L. Pristell.  
She became the first ordained Evangelist of Gethsemane Garden Baptist Church. Upon the resignation of the late Pastor
Pristell, Evangelist Oliver took over as acting Pastor.  In 1995 Rev. Lamon C. Perry took over as Pastor.  Upon his
resignation in September of 1998, once again she became the acting Pastor.  On December 5, 1998 Pastor Oliver was
installed as the first Female Pastor of Gethsemane Garden Baptist Church by the late Rev. Charles Mixon,
who at the time was the Pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church.

Under her leadership, Pastor Oliver played an integral role in conjunction with the community board and
private developers, in the planning and development of the current 223 East 7th Street building which is
owned and occupied by the Gethsemane Garden Baptist Church.

In September 2004 Gethsemane opened the Community Bible Institute Manhattan Campus of which
Pastor Oliver was the President.  This school was operation for 8 years until we were hit by “hurricane Sandy” in 2012.

Pastor Oliver instituted her vision for our annual Deacons' Revival which is held every February. She has licensed two
ministers, Minister James Magbie and Minister Derrick McWilliams, four evangelists, Evangelist Jean Moore, Evangelist
Mary Barnes, Evangelist Patricia McWilliams and Evangelist Eloise Wright.  Pastor Oliver has also ordained two deacons,
Deacon Clyde Stewart and in September 2006, Deacon Alberta Todd, the first female deacon of Gethsemane Garden
Baptist Church.  She ordained two reverends, Rev. Jessica Thomas and Rev. Elizabeth Keels who is also her daughter and
Gethsemane’s Assistant Pastor.  In April of 2011 Pastor Oliver ordained Deacon Gregory Small and his wife, Deaconess
Donalda Small and First Man, Deacon Jacob Oliver, her husband.  On May 30th, 2015 three more Deacons were ordained:  
Deacon Isiah Hall, Deacon Robert Ross and Deacon Keith Herring and his wife, Deaconess Gina Moore-Herring.

Pastor Oliver is a Wife, a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, a sister, an aunt, a friend and confidant but most of
all, a leader of God’s people.  
Her main goal is winning souls!
Our Pastor
Gethsemane Garden Baptist Church
223 East 7th Street * New York, N.Y.. 10009 * 212.353.3403